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05 December 2006 @ 03:44 am
fic: Bombay Sapphire OxN  
Title: Bombay Sapphire
Author: Seraphim Grace
Archive: www.geocities.com/taliasen1256, if you want it ask, I just like to know where they are. www.livejournal.com/users/seraphim_grace, www.mediaminer.org,
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Rating: 18
Pairings: OmixNagi
Warnings: Smut, lemon, car sex and some heckling.


Manx opened the door to her guests with a flourish and a winning smile. Birman held up a bottle of rather fine wine as she came in. They were all dressed in black, and Queen had a hat over her bright turquoise hair. Manx almost shook her head as the secretaries tried to look incognito. They called around every week for this meeting but since the unexpected video of Abyssinian in a compromising position with his boyfriend they had taken to coming incognito in case they were recognised.
Manx sighed, even if they were recognised they were Kritiker and it didn’t matter, and Abyssinian already knew where they lived.
She led them into the parlour with it’s massive 42 inch TV and settled the three of them down on the sofa, pouring the wine and bringing over a bowl of popcorn before she turned out the light. “We have a treat tonight ladies,”
“Crawford in the shower?” Birman asked excitedly.
“Knight swimming?” Queen offered.
“Siberian in the changing rooms?” Rex asked.
“Better.” Manx added, “for your approval ladies I submit Bombay and Prodigy’s secret date.”
“Aren’t they supposed to be enemies?” Birman asked, “I mean Bombay’s Weiss and Prodigy’s Schwartz.”
“So,” Manx said with a smile, “it’s not like we don’t know and both Weiss and Schwartz only pretend that they don’t know, and it’s healthier for both of them than that Todt girl,” everyone of the women shuddered. “And there’s no obvious security risk. And so on with the show.”
She inserted the tape, which was clearly labelled with a plain white sticker into the VCR and started the tape.

Abyssinian’s face filled the screen. “Welcome ladies to the weekly meeting of the Kritiker A/V group and first I’d like to thank you for your gift to myself,” there was a smirk, “it was appreciated, and now I am pleased to present this week’s offering, Bombay and Prodigy’s secret date, or as I prefer to call it, Turnabout is fair play.”

The camera fades into the interior of a very expensive car, the door opens and first Bombay gets in and then Prodigy, Bombay behind the steering wheel. “I can’t believe that Aya let me borrow his Porsche.”
Prodigy’s smirk answered him, “we have a beautiful car, a beautiful boy, are you thinking what I’m thinking? I’m in a mood to let you take advantage of me.”
“He’d kill me,” Omi answered turning the key in the ignition, it started with a truly satisfying purr, “and then he’d hunt you down and kill you.” Omi tilted his head into an invisible touch because both of Nagi’s hands were in clear view of the camera.
“We can put our coats down, he’d never know.” Nagi said as Omi made an oh shape with his mouth, shifting uncomfortably in his chair, “and I bet that he has a blanket in the trunk, we could have it laundered before he ever knew.”
“Na-ghee,” he extended the name with one eye closing, “he’d kill us.”
Nagi’s laugh was low and dirty, “that, Omi, is half the fun. Park up somewhere quiet, and let me take care of you. Let me make you glad you came out with me.”
“I don’t know,” Omi protested, taking the car out of park, “he really will kill us, I can’t believe he leant us the car.” But it was clear that his will power was fading fast, Nagi shifted and began to tug at his earlobe with his teeth, his tongue firmly through the golden hoop. “all right then, somewhere quiet.”
“I know just the car park.” Nagi answered with a smirk.
“Okay, but until then, control yourself, it’s bad enough wrecking a car, but wrecking Aya’s Porsche,” he left it open.
“Okay,” Nagi pouted, “I’ll wait, I’ll keep my hands where you can see them, and I won’t use my powers, but you better make it up to me.”

“Did you edit him driving to the car park?” Birman whispered.
“It was just around the corner, didn’t need to.” Manx whispered back, “and Prodigy wasn’t prepared to wait.”

“You see,” Prodigy said with a dirty smirk, “all that touching and rubbing and licking that we did in the cinema has just made me want you more, I want you to touch me,” Omi groaned, “and to take my nipples between your teeth and pull.”
“Stop, I’ll crash.” Omi protested, turning the wheel wildly.
“You said I couldn’t touch,” Nagi said licking his lips as he stared at Omi who was flushed with a sweat breaking out at his hairline. “You never said anything about talking, you see I want to run my tongue the length of your breast bone, with tiny little nips, the ones that make you jump, I want to make you as hard as you make me.”
“If I get any harder I’ll explode.” Omi squeaked. He slammed the brakes down. “We’re parked,” he pulled the hand brake up with a heavy crunch and unbuckling himself. “We better get that blanket.”
“How about I just wait here,” Nagi said clearly rubbing himself through his pants, “and think about what you’re going to do to me.”
“Back seat, now!” Omi growled, opening the door.

“That boy’s a hussy,” Queen said, “corrupting our little Bombay like that.”
“What happened in the cinema?” Rex asked, dropping her handful of popcorn back into the bowl.
“Tell me the camera picks up the back seat.” Birman said.

Omi threw a plaid travel blanket over the back seat, tucking it into the seams of the seat diligently, before climbing in, pulling his lover over to him with a groan. He sat in the middle of the back seat and pulled Nagi so that he was sat over his lap, “what you do to me,” he mumbled biting down into Nagi’s neck, so hard that he hurt Nagi enough to cry out, Nagi’s hands were out of shot but his arms were clearly doing something. Then his clinging black tee was over his head as Bombay leant him back over the gap between the front seats licking at the line of his breastbone, just as Nagi had said, making obvious tiny nips, and everything was apparent from the camera secreted in the clock on the dashboard.
Nagi was actually writhing at the touch, “M,” he managed to say as Omi sucked a nipple into his mouth. The expression on his face looked pained but judging by the way he was arching his back the last thing this was doing was causing him pain, he was wriggling like someone had run an ice cube along his spine. “More.” His hands were lying limp at his sides as Omi leant over him, nipping and licking and teasing. “Please.”
Omi laughed, it was a dark chuckle that suggested he liked tormenting his lover. Then he stopped, pulling back and undoing his shirt whilst Nagi panted and lolled over the hand brake.

“That’s a pair of eminently pretty boys.” Queen said with a tone of awe.
“Hmmm,” Birman agreed her head tilted as if it meant that she could see more of what was hidden on screen, the whole scene was framed by two leather chairs.
“Abyssinian will kill them if they make a mess of his upholstery though.” Rex added.

“So beautiful,” Omi said running his hands over Nagi’s ribs, pushing up just hard enough to leave a trail of reddened skin, “so very beautiful,” he murmured again, his hands skirting around the waist band of Nagi’s jeans, tugging on the fabric but deliberately staying above it.
Nagi’s head was tossing back and forth, his hair hanging over the hand brake, “please, Omi, please.” He thrust up and Omi rolled his eyes.
“Not yet,” he said, running his palms over Nagi’s nipples.
“Please.” He said, Omi’s hair was moving as if in an invisible breeze and it seemed that Nagi was exerting his power on him, tugging at his pants and running gusts of air over his skin, “please.” His jeans suddenly opened themselves, the fabric pulling back and the zipper slowly sliding down.

“That must be handy.” Birman said, “no wonder Omi’s keeping him. The boy really does have a hundred hands.”
Rex sniggered, “I suppose it has its advantages, I can’t imagine that he never needs to get up to put his cup out. Pass the wine.”
Queen leant forward and poured out more of the dark red wine into her glass and Rex’s, she offered it to Birman who shook her head and then Manx who held her glass out. “Do you really think that Schwartz do the dishes? they have staff.”
“Shhh, Manx hissed, it won’t do for Weiss to find that out, or we might have to get them staff.”

His erection sprung up more than halfway to his stomach as Omi chuckled, low in the back of his throat. “God you’re beautiful,” he murmured, “but I’m not going to.”
“Please.” Nagi whined, “please.”
“Hold still, or I’ll stop, and no powers.” Omi said, his look was quite wicked. “But be as loud as you like. I want you to be very, very loud.”

“He’s obviously rubbed off on him,” Birman said, “our little Omi wouldn’t do something like that if that boy hadn’t corrupted him.”
“If he carries on like that he will rub off on him,” Queen said with a laugh.
“Queen!” Manx said, obviously scandalised by the euphemism, “that really would ruin the upholstery,” she said with a laugh.
“There’s something terribly sexy about Abyssinian’s car,” Rex said, “probably because he really would kill you. Even he doesn’t have sex in his car.”
“And how do you know that?” Manx asked.
“I thought we were meant to know every single detail of the lives of our boys.” Rex said looking as innocently as she could manage with an evil smirk, “and besides you know how much he loves that car. He’s more likely to have sex with the car.”
“Turn the tape back on,” Birman said, “please.”

“Oh god,” Nagi said doing his best to hold still when he clearly wanted to wriggle for any kind of friction, “you’re so hard, I can feel you, you’re so hard.”
“What do you want me to do?” Omi asked, rubbing his hands hard over Nagi’s nipples hard, pushing up and away like a massage.
“Oh god,” Nagi repeated, it was clear by the way that the muscles were undulating on his chest he was doing his best to stop himself bucking up. “I don’t care, just do something.”
“What if I do this?” With a smirk Omi ran his fingertips along the length of Nagi’s erection, not real friction, just a ghost of a touch causing Nagi to moan, “or this,” he wrapped his hand around the erection, squeezing the base hard.
“God damn you,” Nagi yelled, “do something, don’t tease me, please.” His back was perfectly arched. “Please.”
“What if I do this?” Omi bent his head and lifting Nagi’s hips kissed the tip of his erection, gently, and then flicking the tip with his tongue. Nagi screamed. “Like that?” He asked with a laugh, his lips against the head.
“Tease,” Nagi gasped, trying to catch his breath, “all the way through the film, and now, please, Omi, fuck me.”
“No,” Omi answered, “not yet,”
“Wanna touch,” Nagi was pleading, “Please let me touch.”
“No,” Omi said, his mouth was so close to the boy’s erection that the movement of his lips was driving Nagi wild. “Let me.” He dipped down and took Nagi’s erection into his mouth, suckling lightly.
“God in heaven,” Nagi screamed, “Omi!” a dark flush spread over his chest and neck as his hands bucked and flopped at his side as he obviously came. His hips were held in place by Omi though.
Omi raised his head with a smile, wiping at his lips where they were shiny. “That was a thank you for the cinema.” He said pulling Nagi up so that he rested against his chest.
“Wanna go see it again?” Nagi asked tiredly.
Omi laughed, rubbing his hands on Nagi’s back, “love you,” he murmured into Nagi’s ear.

“Bless them,” Birman said taking a handful of popcorn, “they’re so young that of course it’s love.”
“I know, I remember doing that kind of thing in cars at Omi’s age.” Rex said with a smile.
“I was Nagi’s age.” Manx said. Everyone turned to look at her, “what?” she spread her hands and looked innocent.

“Do you want more?” Omi asked, four heads turned to look at the screen.
Nagi was still panting, pressed against his chest, because his jeans were open they were bowed at the back to show the ridges of his spine, Omi was running his fingers down the nubs of bone. Nagi tilted his head up and kissed him, gently and softly, licking his pouty lips and nibbling softly, Omi twisted his head down and speared his tongue down into Nagi’s mouth, his hands around his shoulders. It was sweet watching them kiss, it was more a gesture of love and comfort than desire. Their tongues were touching slowly, dragging over each other’s tongues, lips pulling back.
Nagi reached up and put his hands in Omi’s hair, twining his fingers through the blonde strands and pulling just lightly him down into the kiss. Omi’s hands were dipping below the waist band of Nagi’s jeans and cupping his ass, circling and rubbing. It was clearly visible on the camera. He was also using the back of his hands to push the jeans down around his thighs.
Nagi had tilted his head back as Omi’s kisses trailed over his jaw and throat, just a hint of teeth, Nagi raised up on his knees to help Omi remove his pants to show the camera a perfect ass and pale back framed by two beige leather car seats.

“We don’t pay enough attention to that boy,” Queen murmured, “he’s not only pretty, but look at that ass, it could almost rival Abyssinian’s, it’s as white.”
“But it’s not a patch on Siberian’s.” Birman added, “and those silky little soccer shorts that show off the tops of his thighs.”
“But the ass to beat all asses is Crawford’s.” Manx said with a bit of a leer.
“God, yes,” Rex said, “and those wonderful tailored trousers.”
“I’ve thought of a tape I’d willingly pay a lot of money for.” Birman said with a smile.
“Abyssinian and Crawford- having sex.” Rex agreed.
“In a hot tub.” Queen said, “outside, in the country.”
“No,” Manx said, “in the cabin at night in front of the fireplace on a black fur rug, with cherry brandy in square glasses.”
“You’ve put a lot of thought into this,” Birman said.
“I had time on my hands.” Manx said with a smile, “but how much money would we pay for that?”
“A whole lot.” Birman breathed, “Abyssinian’s white skin on black fur and firelight.” She shuddered.

“Omi,” Nagi was gasping, Omi’s fingertips were running into the cleft of his ass, just gently as Nagi threw his head back, “Want you!” It was a shout, “take your pants off, please, wanna feel you.” Omi threw Nagi to the side, removing his pants quickly and then pulling Nagi back unto his lap preventing the camera getting more than a glimpse of him. As he lowered Nagi down unto bare skin the boy cast his head back and rubbed, he was thrashing about wildly as he rubbed.
“Nagi!” Omi answered, “the lube, it was in your pocket.” Omi’s voice was ragged. A metal tube lifted itself from the foot well and landed in Nagi’s hand. “God, you feel so good.”
Nagi unscrewed the lube and pressed it into Omi’s hand as Omi started to maul Nagi’s neck with sucking loud bites, he didn’t pull back until he had pulled blood to the surface.

“Aargh, we’re out of wine,” Birman said holding the empty bottle over her empty wine glass. “Pause the tape, Hana-chan, you’ve got more under the sink, haven’t you?” She asked Manx.
“Of course, do you want to pick up the tray of rice balls as well while you’re out there.” Manx answered as Birman got out of the chair, she paused the tape.
“So, did you actually give a copy of the last tape to Abyssinian?” Queen asked, “because I’m surprised that he hasn’t come calling for your head.”
“I gave it to Balinese to use at his discretion.” Manx answered, “I figured he’d kill Weiss first and give us plenty of time to skip the country.” She laughed, “as it was I got roses, this was in the box.”
“Well, maybe he’s right, turn about is fair play.” Rex said emptying her wine glass.
All three women went pale at the thought, “I’ll think we’ll do a bug sweep tonight.” Manx said, “For all we know they might be recording this very conversation.”
“He wouldn’t,” Birman said bringing in the next bottle of wine, “he’s much more devious than that. He’ll get us when we’ve forgotten, and besides it’s not like he didn’t get anything out of it.”
“Bombay said he couldn’t sit straight for days,” Rex laughed, “he was worried that he might have to pull him off missions until he stopped walking with a limp.”
“Bombay must have realised,” Birman said uncorking the wine, “I mean, he leant him the car, he doesn’t let anyone near his car, remember when he chased Schuldig across that junk yard waving his sword and screaming because Schuldig had let down his tyres.” They all laughed, “or what he said to that kid that scratched the paint.”
“A white Porsche in that area, it doesn’t in anyway scream I have a secret night job, does it?” Queen laughed, holding out her glass for it to be refilled, “I’m sure most of his neighbours think that they’re hosts or something, they go out at night in posh cars and don’t come back to the early hours, it’s what I’d think.”
“Manx, put the tape back on.”

Omi squeezed a healthy amount of the lube unto his hands behind Nagi’s back and then put the lube down behind him in the cd rack. He had obviously gone beyond teasing Nagi as he started to rub the liquid into the boy, pushing his fingers in as Nagi clung to him and whined.

“Okay, now I’m beginning to feel like I’m spying.” Queen said. Everyone turned to look at her. “Well we are.” She added.
“I think that we could be in the front seat of the car and they wouldn’t care right now.” Manx said.
“Hell, they’d probably want some popcorn after they were done.” Rex said.

On the screen it seemed the boys were nearing completion, Omi’s hands were on Nagi’s hips moving him and the boy clung to him quite desperately. Nagi was making soft little whimpers. It was slow and languorous as Omi reached down and tilted Nagi’s face up to continue the sweet and luxurious kisses they had shared before.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to cry or vomit,” Queen said with a frown, “that is almost nauseatingly sweet.”
“I know,” Birman said, scrunching up her nose, “none of my car encounters were like that, I always ended up with strange bruises from the seat belt and friction burn from the upholstery.”
“He put a blanket down,” Rex said with a faint smile, “it must be true love.”
“It’s Abyssinian’s upholstery.” Manx answered with a laugh. “True love be damned.”
“Look at them, they’re teenagers, of course it’s true love.” Birman said with a smile. “Although I think one of us better have a word with Balinese about what they’re telling that boy.”
Manx laughed, “is that word thank you?”

On the tape the boys were rocking just barely as they kissed, Omi’s hands were clearly at the base of Nagi’s spine and weren’t moving, whilst Nagi’s arms were wrapped around Omi’s neck.

“Look at that, if it wasn’t two boys having sex in the back of a car it would be a hallmark moment.” Queen said softly, “it’s like one of those pictures of naked men holding babies, but with two boys having sex.”
“I think they might actually be making love.” Manx said with a faint smile, “though if so they’d be the first people ever to manage that in a car.”
“I know,” Birman said, “whenever I’ve done it in a car it’s been wild monkey sex with a foot out of the window and my head jammed in the foot rest.”
Rex laughed, “I’m sure that’s what those little handles over the door are for your know.”
“What?” Manx asked, “jamming your head in the foot rest?”
“No, wild monkey sex in the back of a car.”
“And why were you two having sex with wild monkeys?” Queen asked, smirking into her wine glass.
“Abyssinian would kill them for that,” Manx said with a laugh, “you can just imagine him now, running around with his katana screaming “shi-ne!” at the monkeys.”
“Yes,” the other three said with a dreamy smile.
“Hentais the lot of you.” Manx answered.
“Says the woman with the tapes.” Birman laughed. “I’m not the one who sets up these recordings.”
“No, you just come around to watch.” Rex said.
“If we don’t pay attention we’re going to miss it,” Queen said firmly, her cheeks were slightly pink more from alcohol than embarrassment though.
“Yes,” Manx said in her serious voice, “the boys, they’d be mortified if they found out we were watching and forgot.”
“They’d be mortified if they found out we were watching.” Queen answered with a high chuckle. “Are you sending them a copy of the tape?”
Manx nodded with a grin. “after all turn about is fair play.”

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