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05 December 2006 @ 03:45 am
fic: Champagne Truffles - CxA  
Title: Champagne Truffles
Author: Seraphim Grace
Archive: none
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Rating: NC17
Pairings: CrawfordxAya
Warnings: Voyeurism, some incredibly mild (not worth bothering
really) bondage.
Notes: Kritiker is holding something over Schuldig's head, so he
uses chocolates to bring them around. The chocolates are the
aphrodisiac used all the way through Love Mode.


Manx looked at the gathered ladies of the Kritiker A/V club with a
smile that resembled nothing more than a smirk on her pretty
features. The wine was poured and much more was in the kitchen, as
well as a large amount of snacks, but all eyes were not on the
wonderful spread she had made for them but the unlabeled tape in her
hand. "Yes, ladies," she said, "the rumours are true, we have it,
the motherlode." She bent down in front of the video showing an
expanse of long lean leg.
"How?" Birman asked as she pushed the tape in.
"Blackmail." Manx answered sharply with a laugh, "nothing works
quite like it." She sat back on her comfortable armchair and lifted
the remote. "Are you all comfortable?" she looked around her
guests, "then we shall begin."

Schuldig sat on a ox blood red leather sofa in a black satin smoking
jacket and a pair of grey tweeds. There was a tiffany lamp to his
left and he had his legs crossed. He looked like a garish Hugh
Hefner. "Welcome ladies, to the private sanctum of Mr Brad Crawford,
as you can see it is very old world, and it has a rather fine
selection of international herb liqueurs." He smiled, even his most
genuine smile was a rather sadistic smirk. "And it is my pleasure to
discharge a certain debt with a rather entertaining piece of video
tape." He lifted a crystal glass, "and to enjoy Crawford's sanctum
and rather fine wine whilst he is otherwise occupied. I present,
with pride at a job well done, plying hostages with champagne and
chocolates." He smirked. "A box of the blue boy special chocolates."
He sniggered to himself, "internationally renowned amongst playboys
of the world as infallible aphrodisiacs to the male gender." He
laughed again, "so finally, I present, Abyssinian and Oracle's
adventures with chocolate."

Birman looked like she was going to faint.

In an expensive looking hotel room two men were facing each other.
Both were loosely tied facing each other, but neither wore
blindfolds. They were glowering at each other. It was only a matter
of moments before they untied themselves and sat in the twin wooden
chairs glowering at the other. "Welcome, members of Rot." A
disembodied voice said, "as you can see we have you at our mercy,
and you will stay there awaiting questioning. We will return before
dawn with our questions and our torturers. This room is recorded so
everything you say will be noted."
"We're not members of Rot." Aya Fujimiya, for he was one of the two
men, shouted at the picture of Picasso's Starry Night, the camera
wasn't hidden there. "I'm a member of Weiss and he's Schwartz,
you've got the wrong people, and we're sworn enemies. Let us go!"
Crawford tried the door and the windows. "We're locked in." He said
calmly. Aya was still railing at the picture on the wall. It wasn't
"Is it a key lock?" He asked. A key lock could be picked and they'd
be away.
"It's a palm lock with retinal scan but there is nothing to show it
on the inside." Crawford answered, pacing.
"Then how do you know that?" Aya asked.
"I've stayed in this hotel before, it's among the best in Tokyo,
whoever has captured us has done it at great expense."
"And how do you know what hotel it is?" Aya asked, he was still too
angry at being kidnapped to actually pay attention to his
surroundings. He was watching Crawford like a hawk though.
"The hotel's insignia is on the mints on the pillow." Crawford said.
The room was large and luxurious, the camera was embedded in a
rather nice bunch of lilies, that had been expertly arranged so as
to prevent bored assassins playing with them. "We're on the
eighteenth floor, so there is no chance of us going out the window.
The only thing we can do is wait it out and then attack when they
open the door for us."
"You've stayed here before, how did you open the door?" Aya asked,
he perched on the edge of the wide red bed.
"You get a clicker." Crawford answered, "like on a car." He took his
glasses off and began to polish them with a cloth from his inner
pocket. "I think we should at least pool our resources on this,
what's the last thing you remember before waking up here?"

"Who cares about how they got there?" Birman snarled, "eat the
chocolates, eat the damn chocolates."
"Is someone a trifle eager?" Manx asked with a laugh. "Don't you
want a copy of this tape?"
"Does Abyssinian know we have it?" Rex asked.
"Does Oracle?" Queen added. Manx nodded.
"Then yes, thank you." Birman said. "I would like a copy of the

"I was eating dinner," Aya said continuing the conversation, "I was
even talking to Siberian about football." Somewhere in Aya's head a
penny dropped. "Siberian." He frowned. "We can eat the food in here.
We've not been kidnapped, we've been waylaid."
"Siberian's pranks can't be applied to me."
"Look," Aya said leaning forward, "it's safe to assume we've been
drugged, we're both assassins and we know better than to take food
from strangers, therefore I think we can agree that the person who
served our food probably drugged us. I have run afoul of Siberian's
pranks, as has Prodigy. What has Prodigy told you about a certain
group of ladies that circulate video tapes?"
"What like Ring?" Crawford asked, indignant, "and these video tapes
will kill us, right?"
"No, more like the Red Shoe Diaries." Aya said. He was
frowning. "They are expecting us to have sex so they can sit in a
liaison's apartment drinking wine and heckling it."

"That's uncanny." Birman said looking at Manx, "did you tell him?"
"Come on," Queen said, "this is Abyssinian's strength, seeing
patterns where no one else does. He knows us, he knows of the tapes,
I'm sure he can add everything together to come up with a solution
that he's happy with."

"Well," Crawford said on the tape, "that's not going to happen. So
you're sure that this is an elaborate set up so the liaisons of
Kritiker can watch us having sex?"
Aya nodded, "did Prodigy tell you he was dating Bombay?" Crawford
nodded, "and has he been remarkably quiet lately, ever since they
went to the movies in my car?" Crawford nodded.
"Then you?" Crawford asked.
"They set me up, I set them up, turn about." He spread his
hands, "but Yohji told me that the prize of any collection is
anything featuring you and featuring me. So imagine what a tape
featuring both of us would be worth."
Crawford's eyes narrowed. "We've been set up in one of the most
exclusive hotels in Tokyo, drugged, with nothing to do till morning.
I can see the logic of it, though Prodigy didn't tell me about the
"This room will be recorded." Aya said, "even the disembodied voice
which sounded just like Schuldig said that. I think they just expect
that we'll be bored and have sex to pass the time, but neither of us
thinks with our pants, so maybe we can find a pack of cards or
"I thought you'd braid a noose out of the curtains and try to kill
me." Crawford said standing up and moving to the desk
"I considered it." Aya answered, "but if I'm wrong we may need two
people to overcome whoever opens the door, that makes you necessary,
for now." He answered. "Is there anything useful in the desk?"
"No," Crawford answered, yanking open the drawers, "not even a pen.
Someone's even taken out the Gideon Bible so we can't even read that
to amuse ourselves."
"We're both intelligent men, I'm sure we can amuse ourselves
somehow." Aya said dryly, "there's a box of chocolates here, they're
sealed, we can share them if you want."

"Score." Rex said in a rather fair facsimile of Siberian.

"Might as well," Crawford said, sitting down, "there's a bottle of
champagne as well, unopened, over there. Even if we thwart their
plans we might as well eat what they've paid for, as long as it's
He popped open the champagne as Aya unravelled the plastic around
the small wooden box. "Blue boy original Viennese truffles." He read
the label. "Here, have one." He offered the box to Crawford.
Crawford picked up one of the rich dark chocolates, it was coated in
powdered sugar. He bit into it delicately, sheering off half to show
a butter truffle centre, and licking his lips. And murmuring in

"I can die happy." Queen said, "oh sweet dear Schuldig."
"This makes up for him not supplying us with that tape of Crawford
in the shower." Birman said. "Such a waste of a beautiful man." She
"Such a waste of beautiful men." Manx agreed.
"Oh, I don't know," Queen said with a smirk, "I wouldn't say this
was a waste at all."

Abyssinian picked up one of the small dark chocolates, and as
carefully as Crawford bit it in half, and then used his tongue to
scrape out the creamy centre.

Birman physically groaned.

"You missed a bit." Crawford said looking at Aya.
Aya's hand moved to his mouth, picking up the smudge of rich truffle
centre and licking it off his finger. "These are really good." He
looked at the now almost empty box "do you think the hotel will say
where they got them?"
"I can't imagine why not." Crawford said, "champagne?" He asked, he
popped the cork with remarkable ease, catching it in his hand, and
then pouring the sparkling liquid into the flutes.
"Well, if nothing else," Aya said taking the glass, "we're being
spoiled for hostages."
"What do you expect of the best hotel in the city." Crawford
answered, "I suppose if we were really hostages then we would be in
a dark basement somewhere, but if your theory is right then surely
they would have stripped us down and forced us to share a blanket."
"There is something here that we are not seeing." Aya said, "some
link in the pattern, if that was the case then we would be even less
likely to have sex," he took a mouthful of the champagne, "perhaps
they thought that if we simply talked. They have plied me with
vanilla vodka to great effect before."
Crawford looked around, "is it warm in here, or is it just me?" He
said, "do you mind if I undo my tie?"
"Help yourself." Aya said, "if nothing else it will give the
secretaries a bit of a thrill." He was looking flushed in the face
as well. "But I'm a little cold really." He took a large gulp of
champagne and then burped. "Oh, pardon me, it's the bubbles."
Rather than looking offended Crawford burst out laughing. "It's the
bubbles." He admitted, "they do that to everyone." He tilted his
head a little, "this is good champagne, though."
"You have a nice laugh." Aya said, "I don't think I've ever heard
you laugh before."
"I don't think I've ever heard you break wind before." It was Aya's
turn to burst out laughing, leaning forward and putting his hand on
Crawford's knee to stop himself falling over.

"We have takeoff." Manx said with a smile.

"I think the bubbles have gone straight to your head." Crawford
said, putting his hand on Aya's arm to steady him. "God, it's warm
in here, I wonder if we can crack open a window." He stood up.
"Take your jacket off." Aya suggested, "because I don't think the
window's open." He put his hand to his cheek, "it must just be you,
because I'm feeling a draught."
"Maybe you're coming down with something." Crawford said putting the
back of his hand against Aya's forehead, "you're ice all over."
"Warm," Aya murmured, leaning further into Crawford's hand.
"If we're stuck here till morning, you might want to get in bed,
god, it's warm." There was sweat beading on his forehead.
"You look hot." Aya said, his voice was starting to crack. "How
about you take a shower? I promise not to kill you, until morning."
Crawford shook his head, taking off his glasses and putting them on
the desk, and lifted one of the ice cubes from the wine cooler and
ran it over the skin of his throat, highlighting the dark shadow of
stubble, then around the back of his neck, his mouth slightly open.
It left a slick trail of icy water on his skin. He looked down at
Aya then ran the ice cube over his mouth, the tip of his tongue
peeking out.
"Oh, goddamnit." Aya said and then lunged. He caught Crawford on the
mouth with his own, pushing him down unto the bed, pinning him down
with his knee and kissing him senseless.

"Thank god for that." Birman said.
"I was thinking that this would take all week." Queen admitted.
"I think we need to order a crate load of the Blue Boy truffles."
Manx said, "I can think of a lot of people that would be nicer on
"True," Rex admitted, "and it would certainly make surveillance more
fun." She laughed.

Crawford gave into the kisses with passion, rather than fighting the
hold Aya had on him he simply rolled him, lining his aching crotch
up against his own and beginning to grind. Aya opened his mouth to
groan and Crawford took the opportunity of that open mouth to plunge
his tongue inside. Aya `s hands were busy at the back of Crawford's
jacket. They pulled apart resting their foreheads together, "you
still too hot?" Aya asked. Crawford met his gaze then nodded, before
taking the kisses again. Aya grabbed the jacket and pulled it up,
Crawford reached back to help him, then taking the shirt in his
fists Aya ripped it open.
Crawford just grunted, turning over so that Aya was straddling his
hips, writhing as he put his hands on the hem of his shirt and
pulled it up over his head. "You're so pale, like winter cream."
Crawford said, running his hands over the expanse of Aya's chest,
over the pale brown nipples of a true redhead, twisting and nipping
as Aya cast his head back. "Fuck, you're gorgeous."
Aya answered him by grinding down in small circles with his hips
causing Crawford to groan. "Drugged?" He asked through gasps.
"Almost definitely." Aya admitted, "Kami-sama, you feel so good, and
you smell even better." He bent down and began mauling Crawford's
throat with his teeth, biting and scratching, sucking heat to the
surface. He flipped Crawford so that he was on top, raking his nails
over his back in a delicious pain.
Crawford's hands were in the back of Aya's pants, kneading and
moulding the fabric of his buttocks. "Gotta go." he murmured,
undoing the button and ripping them down, then slid his hand inside,
wrapping it about Aya's erection, "beautiful," he murmured, taking
Aya's mouth in his own again. Aya's hands weren't busy and were
fiddling with the clasp of Crawford's belt, yanking it open, then
gasping, as his fingers undid the button and then heedless of the
zipper plunged his hand into the crotch, rubbing and grabbing.
"Set up?" Crawford gasped, jerking his hips into that wonderful,
wondrous hand.
"Almost definitely." Aya answered, his head cast back. He rolled
unto his side taking Crawford with him, then pulled Crawford's hand
away, "too soon." He gasped, then licked the very tip of his finger,
to taste himself there. Then languorously he started to kiss
Crawford, letting him taste the precum on his mouth. His skin was
flushed and he fussed with one hand, pulling away his trousers.
Crawford reached down to give him a hand and after some wriggling
they were both naked.
He laid his head against Crawford's for a moment trying to catch his
breath, sharing slow and sloppy kisses. "You still too warm?" He
asked gently.
"Mmhmm," Crawford murmured.
"Wait there." He got to his knees, flushed and obviously wanting and
crawled over to the ottoman where the wine cooler was. He lifted out
several of the cubes and then flicked the cold water back into the
bucket. "I don't expect you to trust me," he said with a bit of an
impish grin, "but you might like this." He made sure his hands were
cold and wet before popping a single ice cube into his mouth.
Crawford groaned in anticipation and then hissed as Aya's ice cold
hands ran over his erection up to his chest, then he closed his
eyes, casting his head back to the sensation.
Aya seized the opportunity and took the head of his cock in his
mouth, closing his lips around it and moving the ice with his
tongue. "Holy mother of god." Crawford yelled causing Aya to chuckle
around his mouthful. "So cold, so very cold."
Aya raised his head, his hands were pushing hard against Crawford's
chest, "I'll just have to warm you up then," he said, leaning up to
kiss him on the mouth as he ground down with his erection.
"Enough," Crawford barked, it was an order and Aya backed down, but
the look in his eyes was mischievous. "You've tormented me enough."
Sitting up Crawford lifted his tie from where it lay across the
bed. "Give me your hands." Obviously feeling playful Aya crossed
them behind his back.
"You malicious little imp." Crawford said and lunged, using his
greater body mass to pin Aya to the pillows behind him, then pulled
his hands out and quickly tied them to the headboard. Aya
whimpered. "don't worry, I'll fuck you," he bit down hard on Aya's
earlobe, "I'll fuck you till you can't walk, till you're crying out
for more, and then I'll take this hard, burning cock," he wrapped
his hand around Aya's erection, aware of the effect his words were
having as it jerked and strained and was slickening as he
spoke, "and I'll suck you dry."
"Then do it," Aya said in an equally impish voice. "If you can."
"Oh believe me, I can."

"I believe you." Birman squeaked breaking the mood slightly. They
had sat in almost perfect silence watching the tape until Birman
squeaked. The others turned around and hissed at her to be quiet.

"Really?" Aya asked bringing his knees up to bring him to a more
comfortable position against the pillows, forcing himself up. "Then
do it."
"I owe you for the ice cube," Crawford said picking one up, it was
almost completely melted, just a small sheet of ice now, and pushing
Aya's knees apart with his shoulders, ran the ice the length of his
cleft before pushing it against his opening.
Aya groaned loud, "cold."
"Turn over." Crawford ordered.
Aya agreed, turning over so his face was buried in the pillows but
his ass was high in the air, Crawford ran the ice along again, then
lifting it he followed it's path with his tongue. The contrast of
hot and cold was amazing and Aya couldn't help but want more.
"do you know," Crawford dipped his tongue in once, "how sexy," he
circled him with the ice cube, "you are," he blew lightly over the
wet flesh before laving it again, "when you" Aya moaned as a finger
slipped inside him, "submit," the hand was pumping him lightly,
forcing him down into the tunnel of Crawford's hand. Aya was pushing
back as the finger pulled away to be replaced by the delightful
spearing tongue.
"Ask me and I'll fuck you." Crawford said, there was lube in the
drawer that he had searched earlier and he slicked up his fingers,
sliding them in and out of Aya's ass.
"Fuck," Aya gasped as he ran the tips of two fingers over his sweet
"Ask me." Crawford said, leaning in to dip his tongue in again.
"Fuck me." Aya demanded.
"I said ask." Crawford said with a slight swat on his ass, the white
skin turning red.
"Please will you fuck me?" Aya asked, he was forcing himself as far
back as the position he was in would allow.
"How do you want it?" Crawford asked, three fingers slipping in and
out easily.
"Hard," Aya answered, "now." Although Crawford was asking him about
position he decided he liked this answer pulling out his fingers.
Using one hand he lined up the head of his cock to Aya's ass, the
other he wrapped around his stomach to pull him back. Aya pushed
back against him.
Crawford swatted him again, "impatient, aren't we?"
"Very," Aya answered, then rocked back so that the head entered him
and he gave a self satisfied gasp, then started to lean back onto
that burning fullness that Crawford was offering him, slowly taking
him in. "Kami-sama, that feels so good."
"Then this will feel better." Crawford said and snapped his hips
forward, burying himself in a single thrust. "So hot." He gasped
leaning down to let Aya adjust, placing small wet kisses on the
bumps of his spine. One hand was on Aya's stomach helping to hold
him up and the other was running along his arm, feeling the tensed
muscles there where he was holding himself upright. He did nothing
else until he felt Aya start to push back with shallow rocking
thrusts. "Ready?" He asked.
"Move." Aya growled. So Crawford did. He slowly slid out until he
was almost completely free then snapped his hips forward in a
jerking motion filling him completely. Over and over he repeated the
slow withdrawal and the almost instant thrust back until Aya's back
was arched as he moaned, and it was all Crawford could do not to
just thrust meaninglessly. "Kami-sama," Aya breathed, "more, please,
That was the signal he was waiting for Crawford abandoned his
restraint diving into him again and again without care, the fingers
on his hips had to be hurting but Aya was crying out. Crawford
slipped his free hand around Aya's cock and tugged once, "come," he
said and Aya did. Hard.
Crawford was seconds behind him, jerking wildly and making all
manner of noises as he emptied himself into Aya's more than willing
body. After a few seconds Crawford rolled them over to their sides
and pulled away the soiled cover of the bed, before he untied Aya.
Together they climbed into the bed, as the lassitude slipped over
them, but both still slipping their hands over the other as they
lazily kissed.

"And that, ladies," Manx said, turning the tape off, "is where the
tape ran out," She stood up, "although Schuldig said something about
them both being sore the next morning and that the blue boy special
chocolates last for hours."
"Really?" Birman said, "maybe it's just as well the tape ran out
when it did."
"Well, actually we got a bit of the next bout," Manx said, "but it
was just getting good, under the blanket, when the tape ran out, I
had to end it here."
Queen nodded, "yes, that was a good place to end it." She said sadly.
"was it worth the wait?" Manx asked with a self satisfied grin.
They all nodded. "Who would have thought Abyssinian was such a
playful minx in bed?" Birman asked, standing up to put her glass out.
"Who would have thought that Crawford could make him a submissive?"
Queen asked.
Rex had a wicked look in her eye, "and how much are these special

LilyMoonlilymoon1 on December 6th, 2006 01:37 am (UTC)
Dessert with one of my favorite pairs. Yummy! Schuldig hosting "Masterpiece Theatre"? :snerk: Frightening thought.
The Devil's handmaiden: nagi schu from yuki_scorpio and boys nexseraphim_grace on December 6th, 2006 01:40 am (UTC)
fun, no, and Schuldig suits it so very very well.

want to play, it's open to all.
LilyMoonlilymoon1 on December 6th, 2006 01:43 am (UTC)
I'd love to, but right now the muses are off hiding somewhere. I can't even muster the creative juices to produce a chapter to my other fic. It's just...not there at the moment.
I'll have to take a lash to the muses when they return for abandoning me this way.
The Devil's handmaiden: chibi tatsumi from bndseraphim_grace on December 6th, 2006 01:45 am (UTC)
do you want the Tom McRae album that gets me out of hiding from my muse - she loves Tom McRae! So many fics have come from it, it's scary, Human frailty, anything.... lots of oneshots?