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The Kritiker Audio / Visual club
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The Kritiker AV club is a group of ladies sat around watching the boys play. This community is very yaoi friendly and open to anyone to join and join in.

one - nothing unwilling - anything you like as long as no NCS

two- any pairing you like but not the secretaries (they just wouldn't watch it)

three - turn about is fair play - the characters are implicit in being filmed, ie Schuldig has set up Crawford, so he is fair game. They all know about the tapes, or can be reliably informed.

four - the secretaries are heckling so be sure to think fan girls sat around laughing their heads off, half the fun is their banter

five - ANY canon character is game but if it's an OC make sure it makes sense in canon - like a girl Yohji picked up in a bar. However if it's SideB make sure Mihorogi is included in the discussion but only for SideB

six - they don't have to be overtly explicit, they could be Aya doing Yoga, or Ken shadowboxing - these are examples from the text, so if you're not confident with lemons you can still play.

seven - flaming will not be tolerated, don't like - don't read.

Eight - You must be 18 to join because some fics will be NC17

Make sure that you clearly label and warning your fics. but other than that pretty much anything goes.
if you're unsure ask me but I'm pretty open so don't worry too much about me saying no.