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05 December 2006 @ 03:48 am
Title: Bourbon Rose – Part of the Kritiker A/V club
Author: Seraphim Grace and Clueless_Psycho
Archive: www.geocities.com/taliasen1256, if you want it ask, I just like to know where they are. www.livejournal.com/users/seraphim_grace, www.mediaminer.org,
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Rating: 18
Pairings: AyaxChloexCrawford
Warnings: Smut, lemon, umm more lemon, lots and lots of lemon and some heckling.
Disclaimer: Not mine; just borrowing them for a piece of pwp smut, Bourbon Rose is a cocktail for those who aren’t connoisseurs. Also this is my first ever threesome.
For Andartha.

I couldn't finish this so clueless_psycho volunteered to finish it for me. So praise her.

Bourbon Rose, Kritiker A/V clubCollapse )
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05 December 2006 @ 03:45 am
Title: Champagne Truffles
Author: Seraphim Grace
Archive: none
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Rating: NC17
Pairings: CrawfordxAya
Warnings: Voyeurism, some incredibly mild (not worth bothering
really) bondage.
Notes: Kritiker is holding something over Schuldig's head, so he
uses chocolates to bring them around. The chocolates are the
aphrodisiac used all the way through Love Mode.

Manx looked at the gathered ladies of the Kritiker A/V club with a smile that resembled nothing more than a smirk on her pretty features.Collapse )